Today’s Workout


Wednesday Workout

I really loved Maree’s workout today. Nice and interesting with all the TRX stuff.

Here are some demos for you.
Squat Thrusters
TRX Squat Row
Plyometric Lunges
TRX Backward / Reverse Lunges
Step Ups (Make sure you do this on both legs equally.)
TRX Chest Press
Lateral Lunge
Dead Lift
Iron Cross
Butt Kicks
TRX Squat Row
Squat Jumps

Workout of the day


Workout of the day

Another workout bites the dust. Worked up a sweat getting through this one.

Here are some demos if you need them.
Squat Thrusters
Box Jumps (I use a step and make it about 5 levels high)
Hip Thrust
Alternating Backward Lunge
Calf Raises
Ice Skaters
Squats with a plate
Chest Press
Bent Over Row
Tricep Dips