Merry Fitmas


Speke TankShorts

This year my Christmas presents revolved around a very distinct theme. Fitness. I was lucky enough to get vouchers for some fab new threads to wear at the gym and a few other things besides.

I took my first outfit for a 6.5km run today and it felt great. The tank and shorts are from Lucas Hugh if you like the look of them.

One last look at 2013.


Shot 9Shot 8Shot 7Shot 6Shot 5Shot 4Shot 3Shot 2Shot 1

My first post of 2014 is about my last run of 2013.

Over the break my partner Alex and I visited Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Passage, Queensland. Initially we went there to take in the beauty beneath the water, of the Great Barrier Reef, but the views on land were just as inspiring. This view, from the top of One Tree Hill, is one of the most celebrated on the island however, after tackling the 82 meter elevation to get there my breath was already taken. But, thanks to the power of photography, I can enjoy it forever without having to go through that again. 🙂

Sculpture at Wynyard Quarter


Sculpture at Wynyard Quarter

5km Tuesday lunchtime run. This is my favourite sculpture that I encounter on my way through Wynyard Quarter. It’s called “Silt Line” and is a set of cast concrete tidal steps by Rachel Shearer & Hillery Taylor Architecture. I love looking at the steps disappear into the water and also the different shapes and heights of the steps themselves.

Get Your Glow On


Get Your Glow On

Tonight I went on a 5km run sponsored by Puma to launch their new glow in the dark shoes. About 80 people participated and all were dressed to the nines in anything and everything fluro. People wore glow sticks from head to toe and made them into glasses, jewelry and even funny ears. I had about 20 of them around my neck. So much fun.