Summer’s here.


Piha 1Piha 2

It’s quite early in the season to go for a swim in New Zealand, but on Sunday that’s just what we did. It was only nippy for the first few minutes and then the water took on a beautiful warmth. Very uncharacteristic for the Kiwi summer where we usually have to wait until after Christmas to enjoy water as warm. After a great afternoon in the ocean, we spent the evening eating fish, chicken and salad while the sun set. #perfectweekend


The Kiwi Christmas tree is up


Pohutukawa no silver

On my Thursday morning walk along the waterfront, I spotted one of the first Pohutukawa trees to flower.

This Kiwi “Christmas tree” is loved for its crimson flower that only appears during the summer months. For me, the first flowers mark the beginning of the festive season and as I have about 3 parties in the next week it seems mother nature is right on time.

Sculpture at Wynyard Quarter


Sculpture at Wynyard Quarter

5km Tuesday lunchtime run. This is my favourite sculpture that I encounter on my way through Wynyard Quarter. It’s called “Silt Line” and is a set of cast concrete tidal steps by Rachel Shearer & Hillery Taylor Architecture. I love looking at the steps disappear into the water and also the different shapes and heights of the steps themselves.