First workout of 2014


First workout of 2014

My trainer’s back from holidays and put this little number together for the 5 girls in my group today. We’re usually a pretty fit bunch but we did struggle after having a few weeks off. Oh well, as Maree says “Pain is weakness leaving your body.” And by that account, a great deal of weakness left my body this morning….

Here are some demos:
Stationary Lunge
Tricep Dips
Box Jumps (I use a step and make it about 5 levels high)
Mountain Climbers
Four Point Push-Up
Alternating Lunges
Iron Cross
Bicycle Crunches
Plate Crunches (My trainer had us put our legs straight in the air as opposed to the bent position in this video. We had to try to get the plate to touch our shoes, head doesn’t touch the ground.)
Russian Twist

Three workouts to get you through the holidays.


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My trainer has been putting us through our paces this week and has come up with 3 really good workouts to keep the Christmas kilos at bay. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Merry Christmas.

Some exercise demos for you:
Medicine Ball Sit Up Throws (Sit further away than these people are so you get a good throw in).
Russian Twist
Iron Cross
Med Ball Squat Throw
Medicine Ball Bridge with Leg Lift (About 2.14 seconds in to the video.)
Mountain Climbers
Medicine Ball Squats
Medicine Ball Slam
DB Squats
Alternating Lunges
Squat Thrusters
Knee to Pike Sit Up (Hold a weight in your hands and alternate one pike sit up with one crunch.)
Sumo Squat
Rope Pull
Box Jumps
Medicine Ball Squat Toss
Medicine Ball Crunches
Chin Up
Dead Lift