Friday’s Workout


Friday's Workout

I didn’t get a chance to upload this yesterday but, better late than never. My trainer mixed it up again which was really challenging but good. Please see the tutorials below if you need any reference. Happy training.

Box Running / Step Ups
Squat Jumps / Thrusters with hands on bench
TRX Squat Row
TRX Backward Lunge
TRX Squat Jump
Sumo Squat
Wall Sit
Sideways Walking Squat
Floor Scrapers (This is the closest reference I could find. Follow what this guy is doing but you can leave the chest press out and simply hold the weight with straight arms over your chest.)
Sit Ups holding weight to chest
Oblique Twist / Russian Twist
Cross Fit Sit Ups
Flutter Kicks
Bicycle Crunches