Under the Bridge


Under Bridge Artwork

Walking around the waterfront the other day, I took a slightly different route and discovered this huge photo where the harbour bridge meets the shore. There’s no plaque explaining what the people are up to but it seems they’re building the bridge’s first platform. As soon as I saw it I started thinking about what I was walking on and appreciating the effort previous generations had gone to. I so rarely think about how hard those who’ve come before us have worked to give us the life we now enjoy. I also appreciate that someone thought to put the picture there to remind us. It’s so nice when you see that care has been taken when it’s not really necessary. The council could have left the base of the bridge exposed but instead have chosen to remind us of those who built the structure we’re now getting the benefit of. Just a couple of the many things to think about when you’re out for a walk in Auckland.

Psychedelic Seagull

Psychedelic Seagull

It’s raining pretty hard today so, I’m going to do a Pump / CXWORX class combo instead of a run at lunchtime. But, while I’m dreaming of running, this pic was taken on one I did earlier in the week. A new filter on my camera turned the sky and water psychedelic. It’s out there but, I like it.