Workout of the Day

Wednesday Workout Revised

Here’s today’s workout. The variation in the exercises helped the time pass quickly, though the second round of push ups with a hand slap seemed to go on a bit. 😉

Some demos if you need them:
Med Ball Toss
Med Ball Rugby Pass (In case you don’t have a friend, here’s how to do one on your own)
TRX Squat Row
Box Jumps
TRX Chest Press
Iron Cross
TRX Tricep Push Ups
DB Shoulder Press
TRX Bicep Curls
Alternating Backward Lunge
Ice Skaters
Push Up with Hand Clap (Not the best quality video but you’ll get the idea.)
Medicine Ball Sit Up
Russian Twist
Frogger Kicks (Basically a Burpee with a jump at the end once you’re in the standing position)

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