Today’s Workout

Today's Workout

This was a tough one today. The “Belly Ups” were a little odd and I think all four girls who do my class found it difficult to get into a rhythm as we’d not tried them before. Maree, my trainer, said they’re a Cross-Fit exercise. She always likes to mix things up which is really good.

Here are some demos:
Alternating Backward Lunges
Alternating Sideways Lunges
Jump Squats with Medicine Ball (Do it faster than this lady.)
Medicine Ball Slam
Belly Ups
Knee Ups (Use “Broad Jump” technique but do on the spot lifting knees as high as possible.)
Tricep Dips
Tiger Crawl (This guy calls it a Bear Crawl, same thing.)
Walking Lunge
“C” Crunch (Hold medicine ball in your hands and touch your knees with it.)
Oblique Twists with Medicine Ball (Nike calls this a Russian twist.)

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