Let’s Wash Our Hands of Cocamide DEA.

Let's Wash Our Hands of Cocamide DEA.

3 News in New Zealand recently ran a story about Cocamide DEA, commonly used to make products foam. Listed by the state of California as a chemical that’s known to cause cancer in animals, it’s now banned in many parts of the world but apparently not in New Zealand.

It had never occurred to me that there may be possible carcinogens in the body wash and shampoo I was using but I’ll now be reading product ingredients more closely.

Luckily none of Ecostore’s products contain Cocamide DEA among a range of other nasties so, at least I can lather up in confidence with this stuff.

Click the pic if you’d like to read the 3 News article.

For further reading please follow these links. The second has a link to a list of products known to contain high levels of Cocamide DEA: http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/cosmetics/diethanolamine.htm http://www.medicaldaily.com/does-your-shampoo-contain-carcinogens-cancer-causing-compound-found-98-shampoos-and-soaps-255234

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